isn't great. On Christmas night my throat felt scratchy and by the next morning I was in the throws of a full fledged cold. Achy, stuffed-up, low energy. On top of that I have had a congested ear for the past month which means I basically can't hear well on the left side, despite diligently consuming hippie sinus serum and going to bed with a hot water bottle. And then yesterday I started my cycle. Which, for me, is a notable event. I have never had a regular monthly period. Mine come every three to six months and so I am far from a seasoned pro and feel unprepared and overwhelmed by the experience. To sum it up, on this rainy cold Portland day, I can't hear, taste or smell. My body aches and I don't have the energy to do anything. This morning I received a box from a store in Florida containing their holiday dress order. Not only is she returning the items against policy, she is somehow angry at me about it. And the house is messy. My hair is ugly. And I have yet to finish this damn collection. Blah, barf, spit, spew, stomp feet, drop head to hands.