I was in the kitchen forever this morning. The hours dragged on. Jeez, this is hard work I thought. Mixing and rolling and cutting and baking and cooling and stacking. While I waited for the last batch to finish I checked my sister's blog. Oh no way, we had the same idea! Wow, her's look so clean. In slow motion I felt my head rotated on its pole and my eyes fall upon the two gingerbread-men on my counter. These two were the best ones, set aside for my garbage man. I had carefully followed a recipe. I had gone the extra mile and chilled the dough. I used a soft spatula to get the frosting on. I remember thinking they were cute.

Now I thought they looked so... harried. And kinda dirty.

But lo and behold, when put to the kid test (which has been found to elicit the same results as garbage man test), her girls didn't hesitate to declare mine the winner! And I thought, you know, I guess character goes a long way. Obviously mine have been around a long time, in all kinds of tough spots. They have life experience. Nat's are Mitt Romney. Mine are Dennis Hopper. My sister's girls phrased it as "yours have more frosting." I think Dennis would agree.