This happens every year. The Christmas shopping season begins and I think, I'm not going to buy anything. Because for the rest of the year, I actually don't buy anything. But sooner or later (usually later), I get into the swing of things. I'm out with the crowds, scanning, searching, hoping to find the prefect thing for my loved ones. And man, when I find that perfect thing, I want to give it that second! It is like packing snacks for a hike and wanting so bad to eat them on the way to the trail head.

Gifts are fun. Really fun.

I would like to do a Secret Santa type thing with some folks... interested? Three people. Send me your address (not your name!) and I will send you a gift. And it would be cool if you sent me one as well. We will open them on the Tuesday after Christmas. The 27th. Spend no more than $35. Spend less if you like. Spend nothing at all and make something cool. Basically do whatever you want.

Ok... first three addresses in the comment section get a gift! Or email me at