The soundtrack is everything. My Mom paints while an old black and white film plays on the telly. I too enjoy creating while others carry on. I like words, talking, language. I like a story. Lately I have been hooked on The New Yorker Fiction Podcast. Deborah Treisman, The New Yorker’s fiction editor, invites contributing writers to select and read stories previously published in the magazine. Afterward they discuss the story. It is the ultimate book club without the pressure of getting the reading done or making a witty contribution to the conversation. I love to hear which stories my favorites authors select and I cherish the analytical wrap-up that follows. Deborah Treisman asks the questions I want answered and offers me a much more developed understanding of the story.

Last night I was treated to Tobias Wolff reading Emergency by Denis Johnson. I was already familiar with Johnson's work and this story in particular but it was especially delightful to hear it through the mouth of Tobias Wolff. I laughed out loud at his delivery of Johnson's arresting but strangely endearing story.