I bet you didn't know Sarah was this cute, right? And so classy. Sometimes I let myself actually feel how much she means to me and a wash of panicky, chest tightening love floods over me. She is right up there with Mom, Dad, Gramma, Nat, Josh and Bello. Not that I've been making lists of favorites or anything. Well, actually, I have. It's that time of year.

But to be honest, I am a list maker at any time of year. I love to see it all laid out and organized. Favorites, tasks, pros and cons, reasons why I feel like shit, wonders that make my life so special. Lists have helped me to let a relationship go or to decide to move. Lists let me know how my day will unfold or what pieces I still need to design. There's the compliant that I don't just let things unfold as they will, that I preemptively orchestrate everything. Yep. That's how I like it. Maybe that is one of the reasons I love this time of year. Lists are all the rage. Even my darling Sarah has joined in. Check out her holidays favorites here. Check her out in person at Luce, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Check out that awesome outfit and understand why I feel inspired despite never leaving the house.