How did this happen? My sister and I are hustlers. Peddlers. Hucksters. This is what it takes to sell a product. Even if that product is considered art, at least by us. Artists no longer have a free pass to be weird and reclusive and socially awkward. Because I could easily fall along those lines. And I know my sister could too. We are naturally private and humble and it takes so much strength and energy to be otherwise. But I would never sell dresses if I avoided contact. She would not make her mortgage by staying home. And so she signs up for the holiday fair and offers to you her effort and skill in the form of little clay food. I am impressed by her, in the same way that I am impressed by that side of myself. I am impressed because I know it is so hard for us. How do I do that? How does she? How did we get here? Because this was certainly not the original plan. My Mom, an artist as well, tells me point blank you can't just create a good product. You have to give yourself as well. And so we are. Here we are. At each of these events we ask that question. Do you like what we are?

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