I noticed something blue and beautiful and dark about the intersection. Oh, the streetlight is out, that's so nice... Oh, the electricity is out on my block, that is so awesome! It looked like it had snowed. Without the yellow warmth of the street and window lights the landscape took on an icy hue. Bell and I stood in the front yard and pretended we lived high on a mountain where everyone goes to bed when the sun goes down. I lit candles, I drew a bath, I made a fire. I made popcorn on the stove in the low light and fucked up and had to look up a recipe (for popcorn!) and do it again. But it is yummy now. This week I have desired ,and I think feared, intimacy with my house. And now, for the grace of the weather, I am left with little else to do. But sit by the fire and sip my tea. With her.