A true Trick and Treat story: When Sarah was a girl she came home with a plastic pumpkin full of candy. It was her reward for being little and cute and willing to ring the doorbell of a stranger's house and present herself for viewing. Her Dad did not have a bucket of candy because he stood on the street with hands in the pocket of his windbreaker. But now that they were home he envied her loot and because he was still a boy on the inside, he set out to get some. For over an hour he presented his case. Because he loved her, because he cared about her health, he would trade her $5 and one whole box of Panda natural licorice for her trashy chocolate bars and peanut butter cups. That stuff would rot her teeth and should be disposed of. Really, how could she refuse? And so she agreed. And half-halfheartedly munched on the waxy stubs until the box was empty. But when she went searching for the plastic pumpkin, and found it on top of the fridge, she was shocked to find only wrappers and her Dad's sticky fingerprints. Eat up before you get home.

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