I met a young woman this morning. She is a student at the Art Institute of Portland and is looking to be my intern for the fall. The timing could not be better. My gift is design, it is not the marketing, correspondence, shipping and data collection which make up the majority of my work day. Devon will take over those roles leaving me free to devote all of my time to shapes and colors. The last, and only time, I had an intern was in San Francisco right after Josh and I broke up. I still cringe when I think of how I treated her. She had come to SF for the summer in order to work with me and I was a complete wreak. I slept all day and if I was awake I was crying. But I was her employer and so I tried to come up with tasks and when I failed I felt guilty and resentful. When the summer ended and I was free of her, a weight was lifted. She was no longer depending on me and I could set my own schedule, complete my own tasks, and that has been my motto ever since. So when I received Devon's solicitation I was ready to delete it like I do all intern requests. But stopped myself with the realization that I need help. From someone smart and kind and organized. And I think I have found all of that in the composed and diligent spirit of Devon Burrus. If I start crying and sleeping all of the time I'll know interns are just not for me.