Home. Unlike previous trips, this didn't have the "race across the finish line feel". I enjoyed the journey. Half way through the drive I stopped for the night in Grants Pass and stayed with Jerry and Jan, my relatives through marriage. I was handed a glass of red wine and offered the hot tub and pool before bed. I slept surrounded by Jan's teddy bears. The next day (today? weird.), Bell and I got an early start- was it noon?, and drove drove drove through bad radio songs until we got to Salem. Here I made a little stop at the Goodwill Bins. Today goes down as the best bins day of my life. I was a phantom. Dodging in and out, scooping up items that others should have grabbed, darting between the old Polish women without being elbowed even once. The bins are reason enough to live in Oregon. I am home. Doing laundry. Writing to you. Drinking wine. And so happy to be here in this lovely town.