The main reason I am in Santa Cruz is because I had to find a new manufacturer for Fall 2011. My previous manufacturer was downsizing and moving from a three-warehouse space into a one-warehouse space and was unable to take on production. In the process of moving their operation they came across an old box of Filly. Inside was a ton of Chimney Pants from Fall 2007! This is so exciting! This pant in awesome! It is made from medium weight grey denim with a little stretch so you just pull them on and go. The cut is a classic Filly pant cut; snug at the hip bones and roomy in the legs with a detailed cuff. I have the following sizes: 1/xs, 3/s, 2/m, 3/l. The cost is $85 + shipping. Email me if you want a pair!

And hey, if you already own some, leave a comment for others as to how they fit, etc. (Polly, Kenya...)

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