Yesterday Ann and I hosted a big fabric sale at The Fábrica. I have held many sales over the years but I have never sold fabric and was surprised to see how enjoyable it was. Although, now I'm now sure why it would be a surprise. I love fabric, I love fabric more than I love dresses. Fabric represents potential. The first moment I realized I would be a fashion designer was in an import store filled with African tent rugs and kimono scraps and tattered wool blanket remnants. My heart was like a child trying to get her mom's attention- tugging and screaming and jumping up and down. The fabric! The fabric! Like glittering jewels.

I sat on rolls of twill and talked fiber content and stain resist, drape, wash and weight. I handed out colorful satchels and watched as woman after woman hurried off with arms piled high. Carefully and quietly they took their precious bundles home.

The Fábrica is a community sewing workshop. It is a clean and organized space with five sewing machines, a long worktable and walls and walls of fabric scraps. This is a feminine space in which to calmly sew, sip tea, enjoy baked treats and idly chat. Last night there were two men, one young man with a long blond ponytail and one older man with a wild brown ponytail and great shoes, and four women representing each decade starting with the twenties. An unlikely sextet in any other context and yet it seemed perfectly natural here. Please come on by, there is a spot for you too.

The Fábrica: Community Textile Arts & Salvage Workshop 703 Pacific Avenue Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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