This is what I see when I look down. Them. I have written about finding a lovely connection to my body on the Filly About page and I do stand behind those words. I do wholeheartedly appreciate my body for all that it does for me. And I do feel beautiful when I am using this strength. My thighs tightening as I pedal.

But there are other moments. When my thighs are just tight in my jeans. And I don't love them. I feel separate and scornful. And this tends to happen during inactive times in my life. Like winter in Portland. But winter doesn't exist in Santa Cruz and I can be out in the woods every day of the year. Here I feel my perspective shift and my love explode- for you down there. Working for me, lifting me up and forward with each step. I cannot depend on the whims of fashion to look good. I cannot even depend on my own taste. But I can depend on you. My body is my best outfit. It looks so good together.