Monday. Lets get down to work. I am here to make sure fall production is done well and on time. I keep telling myself that. A reminder, although vague, of what my task is. But how to execute it? What exactly am I supposed to do?

I made a list of challenges facing this collection. The manufacturer I usually work with had to downsize their operation and is unable to process my order this time. I am working with a new manufacturer and I am nervous about this. I don't know or trust her yet. Ok, step one, meet the new manufacturer. Bello and I drove up to Oakland and found our way to her little storefront. It is smaller and messier than I am used to but Ann seemed nice. We worked out prices and deadlines and I had to negotiate and play the role of stern business owner. I had nervous b.o. The new manufacturer is simply a sewing shop. She does not wash fabric, she does not cut fabric, she does not dye fabric. I need to hire others to do these equally important tasks and to transport the product to and fro. Ok, step two, have the fabric prewashed and transport it to the cutter. I packed my little red car to the brim with bolts of washed fabric. But I didn't leave any room for Bello and he had to squeezed into the dashboard area. I was laughing out loud and apologizing to him the whole way. There are 6 different fabrics in this collection. That is very confusing for the cutter and sewer. When I picked up the prewashed fabric yesterday I organized it according to type. I labeled each sew sample and pattern with a little cut square of the correct fabric. I will need to go and watch the cutter lay out each style to make sure he is using the right material. I think I inhaled a zillion fabric particles as I wrestled with 40 pound bundles. My throat hurt and my arms were sore by the end of the day.

The end of the day. Back over the hill, the ocean coming into view, my stomach growling, my mind spinning. There is so much to keep track of and so many people to keep on track.