I am driving to California today. But not all the way. Bello and I will camp outside of Shasta and continue the drive in the morning. I will be in the Bay for two weeks overseeing the Fall 2011 production. I need to be there, in person, every other day, to make sure it comes out beautiful and on time. And it will. I am staying in the little shop apartment at Josh's house. See the metal building on the right... the tall open window is the sleeping loft. Underneath it is a miniature kitchen with a stove and a sink. I was present for all of Josh's carpentry endeavors with the exception of the shop. He built that while I was away at art school. And so, unlike the orange house, where I lived an entire year without an exterior wall, or Jeff's graffiti cabin, which I helped paint and lay out the interior plan, the shop is still a bit of a stranger. I am really excited to get to know it in the coming weeks.