(photo by the amazing and talented Allison Cekala) Oh Jeez, that was really fun. I mentioned I was headed to Helsing Junction Farm for their annual Farm Fest Sleepover and it was better than I could have expected. Everything good happened at just the right time. I arrived on Friday evening for the dinner work shift. The farm provides vegetables and meat to feed everyone at the festival three meals a day. The volunteers' job is to make the most appealing meal out of those ingredients. My assignment was salad. I walked across the road to the train-car cooler and pulled lettuce, beets, cucumbers, carrots and a few green peppers. I cannot say it was the best salad I have ever made but it was certainly the largest. After my shift I wandered to the grassy field and watched friends play music on a straw bale stage. The night darkened, I drank wine and danced. And danced. And went to bed without water and felt really bad in the morning. But that was okay because the only thing I had to do was continue laying in the grassy field and watch more friends play more music. And slowly my brain started working again and my energy returned and I ventured out on a walk. Seth, Kenya and I walked behind the vegetable fields along an old train track. We discovered a pond. It was evening and the water had the last bit of the day's sun glinting off its surface. The color was deep green and densely cold below the sun warmed top layer. It smelled like its color. Naked, I glided through the water while swarms of little gnats altered their route to avoid my head. This was it. The highlight of my summer. The photo above was taken soon after we returned to the festivities. When I look at it I see the pond's effect on me. My skin cooled by the water. My soul rested. Anything else that happened would simply be extra credit. That night I retired to my tent at a reasonable hour and tried to keep my eyes open long enough to watch the stars and make wishes. I caught one before sleep overtook me. I wished for a horse.

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