Nat arrives this evening! With Nathan and the girls. They are driving from Missoula to spend a nice solid week here in Portland. We're going to Pickathon, a stringed-instrument music and camping festival taking place this weekend on a farm outside of town. I will sell clothes and she will sell little tiny fairy food that is so realistic despite its size that you don't know why you need it but buy it anyway. Obviously you buy it for the fairy riding on your shoulder and whispering encouragement. Or your seven year old girl who cannot, for the very love of god, keep walking once she has laid eyes on the miniature peaches. I remember that feeling. I had it big for the small glass animals that lived in the carousel at the stationary store. After offering my mom many solid and persuasive reasons why I needed the doe, and she declined, I would silently promise, on my good name, to someday return for her (the doe, not my mom). Come by our colorful tent if you happen to be on Pendarvis Farm this weekend!

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