My time in Bellingham was magical. I arrived just before the Friends of Filly was set to star and it was like I had never left. Here was the little house with the bowl of raspberries on the porch and the magnolia tree hanging over the walk. Bello ran right in with a "I'm home!" look on his face. I did the same. And there to welcome us was Annie and Aila and little 12 week old Clementine. I know these women (future women). They come from the same clan. When we see each other it feels like a reunion. I return to what I once knew and want to know again.

And the sale was rad! I loved that two sets of grandma / mom combos came to take turns holding the baby while the other tried on dresses. In fact I would say the theme of the day had to be babies and and baby bodies. There were a number of... "well, my boobs won't always be this big. it seems that this would still fit after the baby comes. that makes you look hourglass again!" But you can't enter Annie's house without another theme hitting you square in the face, chest, stomach, all the way down to your toes. Love. There is an abundance of everything that makes a human feel good and cared for. Food, baby animals, comfy sofas, berry bushes, pedicab rides, and the sleep-eyed warmth between Annie and her husband Chris. Smart and earthy, they pepper each other with local farm information, wordlessly hand off sleeping infant in exchange for breakfast prep, negotiate and bargain and smile inwardly at their shared luck. It is an inspiration and a joy to be in their presence. Too bad for me that they live in Bellingham where it might just rain even more than it does in my neck of the woods.

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