The Fall 2011 photoshoot happen, but just barely. 1.) Allison, the photographer, was leaving for a bike tour on Tuesday the 12th and would not be back in Portland until mid August. Back-up photographers were either out of town, out of my price range, or used film which would take too long to process 2.)The manufacturer took over a month to remake 8 samples. They planned on sending the samples on the 14th. I had to beg, plead, quilt, and finally force them to finish and send the samples express mail to arrive on the 11th. We would have that day to shoot before Allison departed. 3.) When I checked in with Colleen, she found out the houseboat was not available the week of the 11th because workers were coming to replace the windows and power wash the exterior which would remove the beautiful ash color of the weathered wood shingles. I had to throw myself on the mercy of the boat owners to somehow let me in on Monday the 11th. I needed Allsion and I also needed to shoot before the boat lost the look I was so attracted to. Around midnight on Sunday I got an email from Colleen saying we could get in there from 11 - 5:30, would this work? Yes! 4.) I emailed the model, "Can you meet me at my house tomorrow at 9:45?! She is a professional and has been a working model for 10 years. This last minute frantic scrambling is not what she is used to. Additionally she would have to come back from the coast a day early... but she would be there. At this point I was exhausted from working the wedding for 12 hours and was driving back to Portland at 1am. I was near tears but it looked like it was going to happen... And it did! It happened, it was perfect, and it is over! The images are breathtaking and I can breathe again.