This Monday we will be shooting the catalog for Fall 2011. The shoot will take place in a houseboat docked outside of Portland, OR. The couple that built the boat and lived there for 40 years has recently passed away. The boat is exactly how they left it and unoccupied. Their daughter has granted me full access. The deceased couple, Jack and Mary, were inseparable and deeply in love. They had careers as prominent doctors but she was also a former model and he was a wood sculptor. He designed and built the house boat and it is decorated in late 60s modern style. The shoot will reenact their story.

As I said in my previous post, I was inspired by mid-century American modernism in architecture. But not so much the big names like Frank Llyod Wright and Richard Neutra. I like the folkier side, the artists and designers who were making art and the spaces within which they executed their craft. Specifically, my inspiration for Fall 2011 is a young married couple in the place they live, work and entertain. One undemanding setting in harmony with nature. Two individuals in harmony with each other.

This is a shot from our test run. It is a gorgeous house still full of tiny ways they said I love you.