Dear Emily,

I am an Ethical Fashion Journalist, writing for several french web magazines. I am quite familiar with your work for having been following you over the past few months and now I have the project to write an article on Filly Designs. I wish very much indeed to introduce your creations to my french readers. In order to realize this work, could you send me some visuals and informations on your next collection autumn-winter 2012?


Best regards

Audrey Le Cour Châtel

Oh fuck yeah. And also, fuck. This collection has been challenging and it is not yet behind me. The Fall collection was initially inspired by a deadline. I made the first round of styles in two weeks so that I could show in Vancouver's Eco Fashion Show. I then remade the styles with more patience and thought. What did I want Filly to say next? The collection had always referenced mid-century architectural modernism but now I had the time to fully develop that concept. Satisfied, I sent the sew samples to my manufacturer with a sample and dye p.o.. I waited for the official catalog samples to arrive in shades of lavender, blush, mouse, and dark green. The box, when it finally graced my doorstep, was filled with clothing the color of soot. Something had gone terribly wrong in the dye process and each item was faded black. Deep breath. More delay. I went back to the studio and took a critical eye to the designs. I cut a few, shortened and lengthened as needed, made a few more designs to fill in gaps, and sent it off, for the third time, to my manufacturer. A month has passed and I am still waiting. And so, Audrey Le Cour Châtel, can I get right back to you? One second please...

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