What a girl dinner. The menu... salad, chips, strawberries, and almond cake. We were chatting it up, having a lovely time, when I spot Olive, Sarah's cat, hauling something in from the alley. She was struggling to lift her head high enough to carry the body. And still she managed to obscure her prey until the last second when she emerged from behind the wheelbarrow and dropped the item next to our table. It was a damn pigeon! What?! Sick! And it was not dead at all. I mean, pigeons are big! But it was suffering. And so Maggie, without even a shudder, lifted the over-sized paving block and dropped it on the body of the bird. What?! Ok, dinner's over. The whole episode was surreal. Olive's catch must be cat lore by now. Cats are giving her a wider birth. I didn't appreciate the dish she brought to dinner but I did admire her ability to contribute.