I want to keep a bit of New Mexico in me as I step back into my life here in Portland.

In Villanueva there was literally nothing I had to do. There was nothing to do period. I was at the end of a dirt road in the middle of rough and unwelcoming country. If I rose early I could walk to the bridge before it got too hot. A couple of days I managed to place pressure on myself to"get this done every morning" and would feel guilty if I slept in. But other than that... my list for the perfect day was short and fundamental. Shower, eat, poop, read, talk to my Grandma. Maybe meditate. Maybe yoga. They day felt very long and so I tended to retire at 10 or so. And yet, despite not "accomplishing" much, I felt supremely content and satisfied. I don't understand yet but I know that is a thread worth following.

Shit, I can already feel it slipping away...