I feel so lucky. I have a sister that I think of as me, only with a separate mouth and a better perspective. I can ask this other me what I should do and she will tell me, exactly, what that is. And she does it with such conviction and force that there is no part of me left wondering if she's right. Because she is in the field of child psychology she often is asked parenting related questions through her blog Feeleez. If I had a child I would stay with her and learn her ways before trying it on my own. She is that good at parenting. But I don't have a child and so I bombard her with questions related to love and purpose. And she tells me what's up. And she could tell you what's up too. Call her for a new perspective and some really sound, directed, kind but forceful advice. On anything. Just click here. But you can't have her, ok? I'm only sharing for a little while.