Portland, 2008 / Santa Cruz, 2011

It is the time of year when I want to be outside ALL THE TIME. Is there anything more pleasing than walking through the woods with your dog and your thoughts? There was a time when I was not connected to my body. That monster down below. That beast that consistently disappointed and disgusted me. I wanted to stand as far away from it as possible least someone think we were friends. If only I could remove my head and go my separate way. One day I noticed our mailman. I mean really noticed. I was on my way to school and he was not. He was walking the leafy Davis neighborhoods with his Walkman on, enjoying the day. That year I dropped out of law school and got a job as a mailman. Or mailperson. I wanted to move my body. And move it I did! Mail carriers lose an average of 30 pounds simply by walking for hours a day. My body did transform but more importantly my relationship to my body transformed. The gap between "me" and "it" narrowed. I got to know it. I realized I liked it. A lot. And suddenly, I just liked me. There was no it, there was no separation, there was just me. And god, I feel good when I am physically active. When I pedal, stride, bend, stretch, run, grip, pull, shovel, hang, reach, kick...the more I move, the happier I am. Straight across. Movement = Happiness.