How do people live green in their everyday life? What motivates and inspires them? In Re-Nest's new column, Creative People, Living Green, interesting people are interviewed to find out their habits, thoughts, creative pursuits, business ventures, and green living wisdom.

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Name/Occupation: Emily Christensen. clothing designer, dog mom, ceramic artist, teacher. What does a typical day look like? Oh great, start me off with a hard one! In my life each day is different. And I'm not kidding. Filly, my clothing line, might require graphic design, shipping, sewing, designing, sourcing... it goes on and on. I might need to go in to the ceramics studio, I might need to prepare for the class I teach at the community college. And I definitely want to go to yoga, walk the dog, kiss my boyfriend, visit with my friends, see a show, take a hike, go to the river, work in the garden... And so I approach each day like a general on a battle field. I make a list of the day's tasks and come up with an hour by hour game plan for accomplishing everything. Trying to figure out the puzzle of the day causes a fair amount of anxiety. If I get it right I go to bed feeling utterly satisfied. But "right" is a very delicate mix of work, socializing, exercise, adventure, love, productivity, alone time, and rest and it is hard to find. I resent the days I don't get right.