What a weekend. I am wiped out. On Friday night we hosted a dinner party to celebrate Luke's 30th birthday. Twenty dear friends came bearing edible gifts- amaranth encrusted salmon, fried plantains, black rice, asparagus with lemon, parsnip and hazelnut galette, and for dessert homemade banana icecream with peanut butter, avocado icecream with coconut milk and a summer fruit pie. We crowded around a room-sized farm table to share the bounty. The next night we hosted a serious dance party for Ayni's 30th birthday. Our craziest dance party yet and most likely our last. The DJ was convinced to turn the music off at 3:30am and only because our neighbor was about to blow the house up. The same neighbor was back at 8:30 the next morning literally banging on the front door and subjecting me to a lengthy belittling. The two travelers that slept on our couch were kind enough to do dishes for over an hour while Sarah and I reassembled our home. These were solidifying nights that showcased the depth of our community.

Turning 30 is scary. It can be quite unsettling to reach a point, a peek, and to look down the mountain on either side. You see, very clearly, what paths you took on the way up. And now that you're here, with everything you need, you have to chose the one road that will take you back down the other side. This road is wide and well established. It is your legacy. Ahh, 30. Nobody slips by you.

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