It is never easy. I am producing Spring 2011 right now. Pushing everyone to hurry, letting them know I am working with a deadline, feeling stressed and anxious about how much it all costs and whether it will be done on time. So far I have encounter mess up after mess up. Typical. First all of the fabric, over a thousand yards, was shipped from LA to my house in Portland when it was supposed to be dropped off in the Bay Area. All on my Fedex account. Next a get a call from my manufacturer saying that the fabric is too short for the prepared marker. I have the marker re-made at great expense. A couple of days later I get a call from my manufacturer saying that she just noticed the width of the fabric is even shorter then she thought and the new marker would not work. Could I get another marker made? The shorter fabric width means that I will run short of fabric. New purchase orders have to go out today. More money for the guy who shipped to the wrong address and screwed me on width. Thanks, here's another order. Because he has what I need. And I need it right away. I am so frustrated! None of this has been my doing and yet all of it is my mess.