There is a dance community center in Santa Cruz that hosts Dance Church every Sunday morning at 10am. I never went but I love the idea. Put on some world music and just move your body. It's different than late night dancing with its low lighting, sexy outfits, intoxication, flirtation... No, Sunday morning is quite different. Sunday morning dancing, or should I just say movement, is honest. Your body is stiff and awkward and your face is mostly likely still creased from the pillow. Coffee is the closet you're going to come to being under the influence. And flirting? Well, one can only hope. Sunday at The Fox Den is quiet. Sarah and Maggie both work and I usually find myself having a slow morning at Luke's. But this Sunday I was home and alone and trying to kick a sickness which had been holding on way too long. On came the tunes, off came the sweater, clapping, spinning, high kicks, funny hand chops, a little sweating and heavy breathing and before I knew it I had been dancing for almost 45 minutes. And I think that was the moment I said goodbye to my cold and surged toward health. There's no cure like flushed cheeks and the freedom to look foolish.