Filly online store will be open on April 1st. I'm so excited! I have resisted doing an online store for years because the shopping cart options were so ugly! They cheapened the look of the line but were actually very expensive to program and run. Not any more. Technology has caught up and it is now easy and beautiful, fully integrated and free to run. I receive at least one email plea a day,..."I love Filly but don't live near any of your stores, is there any way I can order a dress that I love?" I used to furrow my brow at these requests... wanting it to be easy, wishing she lived near me and could just come over, looking at the dress she loved but not having a system in place in which to get it to her. Not anymore. Starting this weekend you are free to simply order the item you love. End of story. But be warned, there won't be a ton of merchandise for sale so if you see something you like, don't expect it to be there on the next Friends of Filly tour. The online store means more people are able to purchase the item you love. So, I don't know, just keep that in mind.