The blog Apartment Therapy will feature my home and studio in tomorrow's Green Tour! On the morning of Leela's visit I sat on the couch with my computer and let her have the run of the place. Unless she asked me to be in a photo I basically pretended not to be home. Because that is what I would want if I were shooting a space. Kinda like babysitting... you want the parents to leave so you can be yourself with the kid. Leela is a true voyeur and loves entering people's spaces to see how they live. I cleaned the house more thoroughly than I have in a long while but I didn't expect her to ask to look in my bedroom closest- "Um,... well ok, but that is where I stashed everything." For all I know she looked in the fridge as well. A girl after my own curious heart. This is the first I've seen of the photos and I'm so excited to see what else Leela chose to photograph!