(Anja wearing The Honey Dress, Spring 2011)

Do you know Anja Verdugo? About a month ago I contacted her with compliments on her awesome blog, Clever Nettle. This is a fucking great blog. And I think it is largely because Anja is just so cute! Really. Looking at her blog, reading her words and seeing the beautiful photos of her outfits and boyfriend and travels and life... well you feel like you already know her. And you certainly already like her. So when we scheduled a time to show her my studio, I felt completely at ease. Here she was, both shy and plucky and in a beautiful dress. It was so fun chatting with her that I barely noticed any photos being taken. I love what her eyes sees... the light reflecting on the ceiling and the yellow and cream pattern of my old sewing cushion... these are visuals I had not thought to care about. Check out the full story here and here and here!