The collection I put together for Vancouver Fashion Week was not a line I was interested in proceeding with. Not in its entirety. At least half of the collection was not up to my standards and were simply an answer to a ridiculous deadline. Now I am back in the studio to take a longer look at Fall 2011. This unusual process is actually similar to what I did with Spring 2011. I made that collection in record time for Portland Fashion Week but then went back and made it stronger for production. This process is not efficient nor is it cost effective but I think it does result in a deeper and more thoroughly thought-out collection. I am not often moved to make fashion by looking at fashion. My inspiration comes from other art forms, the natural world, or my community. However, these three images capture a feeling that I hope to express in this upcoming line. Confidence, pride, self-assurance, maturity and of course, individuality. One more week and I'll have it completed.