I just saw The Fighter. Brilliant. I met Hendo, Allison, Coderre, Natalie, Jones and Kenya at the Laurelhurst Theater for a $3 date. The movie was set in 1992, the year I graduated from highschool. I was amazed at how out-dated and poorly dressed people were in that film. Or was it just a bad year? My girlfriends are all much younger than I am and I started to wonder if they were picturing me with a towering teased and hairsprayed do like Dicky and Micky's sisters. Were they imagining me walking the halls of Harbor High in high-waisted mom jeans and white sneakers. With bad skin. I actually couldn't remember if this was totally off the mark... until I rummaged through my box of photos and found a snap of me with Tonya Radino in 1992. We might be really tan and likely to drink and drive but thankfully we look nothing like the Eklund sisters. Style is regional. Location is everything.