We got into Vancouver on Tuesday night. Luke's friend Aja lives in a cute back house on East Pender, just up from Chinatown. We felt comfortable there, with her, cozy in a big white room with a futon on the floor and Bello nearby. I slept well and was full of energy for the fitting on Wednesday at the event center. Wednesday morning the three of walked to the venue for Eco Fashion Week. The Salt Building is a beautiful old warehouse surrounded by new Olympic buildings in the Athletes Village along the waterfront. These new buildings do not do much for me, or apparently anyone else. They stand empty while the city confronts serious homelessness. According to Aja this pretty much sums up Vancouver. During the fitting I was able to talk with the Aveda team about styling for the show. I wanted something like the Grace Coddington spread for Vogue.

But creating that hair would require 6 or 7 hours. Right before the show I was told that Aveda went out and purchased wigs for the occasion which they brushed out, parted, and flatten on top. The girls looked so good. And according to Luke they looked even better out on the runway. I wouldn't know. I was backstage literally flying around, yanking on dresses, cinching waist ties, and sending them out in order. And in a second it was over. In a second all the tension, work, stress, excitement, and adrenaline subsided. When the interviews started I was at a lack for words. Reasons why I use organic? Because. Inspiration? I don't remember. All I know is that I'm done.