I spent the day in Seattle. I needed a passport and the Henry M. Jackson Federal Building was the closest facility. My appointment was scheduled for 11am. At 11:15 I would be turned away. So to be extra safe I left the house at 6:30. And I was definitely on time... but the address I had was for another 915 2nd Ave. The wrong one. A townhouse. While I was rushing across town I realized I didn't have my ID. I could picture it in the blue smock I wore to get a drink with Luke on Valentines Day. Panicked, I hustled inside. The guards operating the metal detector in the lobby wouldn't allow me in the building. Not without current photo documentation. I dropped my face to my hands and collapsed against a pillar and he took mercy on me. He called for someone to come meet me outside. And she did and she was nice. As long as my housemate emailed her a photo of my ID by 2pm, she would process my request. "Go take a walk and we'll have your passport ready in five hours. No, if we send it in the mail it'll take a business week. And Monday is a holiday for us." Okay Bello, e've got some time to kill, put on your walkin shoes and lets check out the neighborhood... Incredible traffic and a five car pile up put me back at home at 8pm. I literally inhaled peanut butter the second I walked in the door. BUT, now I can travel to Canada!