"Most people in the world and this country want to work , and they are not able to. You need to grow up and act like an adult."

Yikes! This was left in response to my last blog post. When I read it I felt heat rise to my cheeks and bloom in red circles. Wow Sarah, I got my first mean comment. I felt ashamed and insecure about having shared my doubts. Maybe I shouldn't reveal such thoughts? Because I love designing clothes and feel very fortunate to make a living doing so. There are those days, however, when I wish I could do something else. And on those days I want to run from my responsibilities and hide in my fantasy side life. Okay, so that was the defensive reaction. And then I realized, she's right, I do want to grow up. I don't need to, I want to. Growing up was my New Year's resolution. And a big part of growing up is taking on more responsibility so that I become a more successful designer. I am off track right now. I am fully immersed in fantasy side life. Days are spent in the ceramics studio when I should be designing Fall 2011 in the sewing studio. I am playing with clay but I need to work with fabric. I want to work with fabric. This is my job and my passion and I want to make it great. Thank you commenter for reminding me of my goals. I was looking through a folk art book and came across these really inspiring outfits. Ironically they are doll outfits but still totally cute right?