I am taking a ceramics class. Again. What if I gave up everything and became a "Ceramic Artist"? Would that be okay? If you are a ceramic artist you work in a communal studio and don't feel so lonely. I love half listening to the ridiculous conversations between people who are busy shaping clay and just happen to have their months open at the same time. Nobody cares what is being said but they still enjoy the company. Currently I am taking the class with my friend Natalie. We talk about important stuff, like whether there are cute boys at OCAC or what we made for dinner last night. If you are a ceramic artist you are expected to be dirty and disheveled. It is totally okay to wear an apron all the time and to have clay particles in your hair. In fact, it's kinda sexy. Furthermore, it's a good idea to wear all white, which is just so good-looking if you do it in a utilitarian way. If you are a ceramic artist you are considered a "real artist" and get to have gallery shows and be a little kooky and apply for grants. It is okay to be broke if you work with clay and people admire you for your dedication to your art. They see it as a need, an innate urge to create, and therefore very deep and impressive. I won't go into how this compares to "Fashion Designer" but lets just say I am having a hard time focusing on my next collection.