Differences: Last year there were just a handful of us. This year there were nine ladies! Last year we didn't get around to exchanging gifts until March. This year we managed to come together just three weeks after x-mas! Last year we quietly circled around the group, giving and getting. This year we cooked a huge meal and had a dance party! Last year Polly told Kenya who she had. This year I told Kenya who I had!

So all in all we have improved upon the model. The only failing that I am aware of was the absence of Polly. She is also different now. Last year she lived in the studio next door. This year she lives in New York. Last year her only concern was who had her for Secret Santa. This year she was too busy even to join us over the internet. Last year she had long ropey hair tied in a braid and wore a embroidered peasant blouse when it was "dress up" time. This year she has Mick Jagger's hair and opts for all white.

What will Maggie look like next year?