This was the winter of the great squash carve-up. I have eaten squash for two out of three meals everyday for over two weeks. And I have set myself up for continuing to eat squash when I return to Portland from Santa Cruz. Frozen delicacies await me. Including the latest, and tastiest, item on the menu... homemade veggie burgers. I made two types; black beans, roasted butternut squash, celery and onions and the one pictured above; rice, roasted butternut squash, mushroom, celery, onion. I cooked a black beaner today and oh my god. Just so good. This blog has always veered off the fashion track but with two food posts in a row, I am starting to feel self-conscious. Because I am a bit obsessed.Food blogs have replaced The Sartorialist and my hands look more like the instruments of a cook than a designer. I spend many hours a day at the stove and have browned fingertips and a constellation of burns on my right hand to prove it. I am not a woman of moderation. Despite loving balance, I don't seem to create it. I am single tracked. But the result is so satisfying, so pleasing, so tasty, that I don't want to stop. Until the next thing comes along.