The holidays sneaked up on me. I am leaving for Santa Cruz on Sunday! This week was the last chance to invite folks over for an old fashioned try-on of the Fall Collection. So, with two days noticed, I sent out word- come one and all. I will make squash flan for you! And they came. Half-dressed warm relaxed bodies filled the house. It felt more like a family gathering than a commercial offering. Which, of course, is my preferred environment. And the flan you ask, how did it turn out? Well, I spoke before I had done my research, which in this case meant reading the entire recipe. It turns out I am not yet confidant enough to tackle an advanced dish. Ramekins! Double Boilers! And our oven has one setting and that is 500 degrees. The Moroccan stew pot was empty at the end of night and nobody seemed to notice the menu substitution. Except Luke who is still asking for flan.