Two nights ago I was crawling into bed, sick with fever, rain hitting the window above my head, when Josh called. He left a message, "just sayin hi, out workin in the yard with Piglet, hope you are well..." I had two thoughts. One was that I would not take Piglet next time I was in Santa Cruz like I planned. It is warmer there. It is more social. And Josh loves her, possibly more than I realized. My second thought, and one that has been sitting with me for the last couple of days, is that I also want to work in the yard at night in December. Ducks are not the only ones that enjoy an easy climate. The cold is hard for me this year. I have been sick twice and it is not yet officially winter. It gets dark at 4pm. And I hate wearing socks. Remember when we didn't wear socks and it looked so good?