Fall 2010. This is the collection that did not give a shit about timelines and deadlines. It took twice as long to complete (my fault). And twice as long to produce (their fault). I am happy to take responsibility for my faults because I understand that my decisions were made with either the good of the collection in mind, or the good of my life in mind. I am extremely adverse to taking responsibility for the actions of those I depend on- the fabric supplier, the pattern grader, the manufacturer, and the shipping company. A delay or mistake can cause the whole system to breakdown. I was ignored for months by the fabric supplier (Hello Michael? This is Emily AGAIN. Please ship my order!!!), disregarded by the grader (Hello Daniel? This is Emily AGAIN, Please complete my order!!!), and scared out of my wits by two boxes lost in the void of UPS holiday deliveries (they were found, they were found). And they were shipped. Boxes of beautiful clothes were sent on Monday. Sent to stores far and wide, delivered on foot to stores close and dear. And suddenly I feel a weight lift. A weight that, since September 1st, had nestled around my shoulders and insidiously whispered in my ear... you are not good at this, you are letting everyone down, you are a disappointment. At last I am free of judgement and happy to send an impressive collection into the world.