When I was in the Bay Area I took the Spring 2011 collection to my manufacturer. They will make official samples to photograph for the catalog and to send to trade shows and press outlets. My job is done, at least for now. When I got back to Portland I cleaned my studio and emptied the room of everything related to the Spring 2011 collection. I threw out unsuccessful patterns and half made garments, swept and organized and breathed a sigh of relief. While bagging up the paper I found various notes I wrote to myself over the past month. Notes that helped me along, kept me organized, and reassured me that I love what I do. I began writing notes to myself the first time I returned to Santa Cruz after moving to Portland. I was really nervous about the trip and fearful that I would be overwhelmed with sadness again. So before leaving I cleaned the Airstream, laid out a new beeswax candle and wrote a few words to my future self. You did well. I'm proud of you. Welcome home. You like it here. I use this technique whenever I need to ease myself into tasks I naturally resist. Or to communicate what I know but might forget that I know in the future. I am my own mentor and friend in this life. Literally.

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