Our last day in the little house. Tomorrow we leave for Portland. It was fun here. I liked living with Luke. I liked having him in my space, playing the banjo in the bedroom while I made tea. I liked joining Dad and Bonnie in the evenings and seeing Jeff when he came by to work on the yard. I liked having my Mom over for soup. I liked borrowing the little white truck and bouncing my way across town to the dog beach. I liked pedaling down the hill on Dad's old Peugeot to a yoga class with Kelly. I liked picking persimmons from Josh's tree. I liked watching and then feeling the fog roll in and chill my body. I Iiked (and hated) the curling effect the salty air had on my hair. I liked sitting in the bright morning sun and feeling so different. But I am ready to like all the wonderful things about Portland. Home, you are everywhere.