The night was an impressive presentation of all that I love and value. The ladies looked amazing! The overwhelming power of their combined beauty stopped people in their tracks.

Of course Bello was there, front and center, surrounded by white dresses and beautiful legs. He received more oohs and aahs than the ladies and certainly more than the designs. Portland Mayor Sam Adams greeted him like an old friend and kindly knelt down to Bello's height for a buddy photo.

Our friends came to wish us well. They were the most stylish attendees- Luke was photographed for a fashion blog!

The girls were nourished throughout the night with backrubs, pear slices, chocolate and whiskey.

After the crowds had thinned and the last of the press had snapped their photos, we returned to our real selves-hungry and slouchy. No longer concerned with presentation or the opinions of others, we simply relaxed on our little stage and enjoyed eachother's company until the music faded and our night came to a hazy and satisfied end. Thank you to the models: Sarah, Julia, Raven, Elizabeth, Renee, Gina, and Skye, and the crew: Hendo, Natalie, and Luke for creating the perfect night.