Woohoo! Top billing at the Mercury! The Mercury is Portland's weekly newspaper with an emphasis on the arts. Marjorie Skinner, Portland's voice on fashion, has been very supportive of me and was the one who suggested I participate in Portland Fashion Week. Saying yes to that assignment has given me a focus I have not felt in years. It is one thing to put out a collection, it is quite another thing to present a collection. I have been holed up- patterning, cutting, sewing alone in my tower. And so it was pretty exciting to have a visitor. David Lanthan Reamer came by to photograph me for the Mercury. He is a busy man and we needed to work fast so that he could get to his next appointment... until we got on the subject of Santa Cruz. We yaked on and on about the little town by the sea and I was surprised to hear someone accurately describe my hometown. He pays attention, catching details and grasping the big picture. And so I am not surprised to see how well he caught the feel of my work space and the tone of my days. Great job David.