Last stop. Phew. Five cities. Five in and out with the boxes. Five times saying... "Filly is a clothing line designed in Portland and produced in the California Bay Area. My name is Emily and I am the designer. I design three collections a year and have been in business for five years. The collections sell directly to stores which does not give me an opportunity to see the clothes on women. And so I started this to be able to meet the women who wear Filly. This is my private backstock from all the collections over the last five years. Please feel comfortable here. There is no pressure to buy- just seeing you in the clothes is enough for me. So just have fun. These girls had fun. I think they always have fun. Early twenties, in college, hanging out with boys, going to strip clubs?! and studying of course. That part I don't miss.

I am looking forward to the drive home. Going to eat a pear and talk with Sarah about something good. What would I do without Sarah?