On Saturday, following the FOF in Bellingham, Sarah and I did some exploring. We checked out the flea market and a couple of thrift stores and visited Annie at the Farmer's Market. Then we packed everything up and drove directly south along the coast to Edison, WA. One block, rounding a bend. Ten "stores"- two of them great bars (Country music dance every Sunday night which brings in folks from miles around), four art galleries (Sarah purchased a pair of silver mobile earrings that were actually in the Calder Show at the Seattle Museum), and three gourmet farm to table eateries (Tweet is owned by Charles who grows the produce himself at his farm down the way which is then prepared by his husband David who made the aforementioned earrings...). Did I mention there are only 100 people who live here? Quality, beauty, perfection. Painter Joel Brock invited Sarah and I into his studio to talk art and the Bay Area (he studied with Wayne Thiebaud). Along the way he gave us a tour of "Edison's backyard"- a slough gently wrapping around the backside of each house providing the perfect rowboat docking station. Because during the summer months you won't want to miss the skinny-dipping pool out in Samish Bay. Go visit. It is unbelievable.