I got up early and cleaned the house. I know you are not due to arrive until 5pm but I feel calmer knowing the house is presentable. There are boxes of clothes waiting to be arranged on the couch, on the table, the chest and the floor. I am trying to improve the lighting so that you can see how good you look. Oh right, I need to set out mirrors. Slipping out to a yoga class at noon but other than that I will be here preparing for you. Because you are important and I am so excited to welcome you to my home. Tomorrow I will be the one welcomed into somebody's home. Sarah, Bello and I will depart for Seattle around noon. We will set up shop at Kat Chapman's house and join her life for the evening. This idea is both so simple and deeply experimental. She and I did not know each other before the planning of FOF. I still have not met her but we are now connected by the bond of exchange. I am trading my work and my art for her trust and generosity. And she is able to offer these precious gifts because she knows, by virtue of my designs, that I am already a part of her clan. I feel I am going to see an old friend. I hope to meet many new old friends tonight for the Friends of Filly Launch Party at my studio in Northeast Portland. . 5335 NE Mallory Ave. 5-8pm.

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